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On The Stage

Beatles Bev began her life as the lead character in my comedy drama play 'Shake it up Baby'. Read more below...


The stage version of Beatle’s Bev’s story began as a one act play written just after my son had left home to go to university in Liverpool.

On my regular visits to the city - to make sure he was eating properly and see if he needed any help with his washing - I fell in love with the place and the people. The city has an energy and humour all of it’s own. 

Liverpool will forever be linked with the world’s most famous band so of course The Beatles music provided as much inspiration as the city itself.

The play also drew on the stories my mates had been telling me about their experiences in the world of internet dating and my own memories of romantic encounters (before I met my husband of course!)

I was delighted to receive great reviews for the play and went on to develop it further. It was performed at The Unity Theatre in Liverpool and then in the Studio of The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester with Sue Jenkins and Mickey Starke in the lead roles. 

The play is now a full length piece and has been workshopped in London with Paula Wilcox in the role of Bev with the help of Arden Entertainment Theatre Producers.

We are very much hoping to set up a UK Theatre Tour for the production in the near future…

Scripts to buy:

Suzan has written a selection of pantomime and youth production scripts, which have been performed all over the world.


These are available to buy via Lazy Bee Scripts.

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